Admissions Procedure

Apply – Application / Registrations forms can be picked up at the school office. Please return these forms to the office as soon as possible.

Interview – You will be contacted to arrange an interview with the principal and Board representatives. Students are encouraged to attend the interview with the parents.

Notice of Admission – The principal will inform the parents of the final decision.

Acceptance- At the time of acceptance, ten post-dated cheques covering tuition fees for the entire year, or payment in full must be provided. Any additional fees (textbook fees, field trip deposits, etc.) must also be paid at this time.

Testing – Placement tests may be given if necessary. Parents will be advised of their child’s academic level in each subject area.

Admissions Policy

Because it is the responsibility of PRCS to educate children in a manner consistent with the Christian faith of the families that make up the School Society several principles must be kept in mind:

1. That the family agrees to the same Statement of Faith and Standards of Conduct as characterized in the school. A reference may be requested from a pastor or Bible study leader.

2. There must be evidence that the child will be cooperative and well behaved in class. Students transferring from other schools may be asked to provide teacher references concerning their record in this regard.

3. There may be an academic evaluation to determine the grade placement of each applicant.